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Dr. Natraj Suryawanshi


He is a doctorate in master and expert in digital assets and wallet from American university of global peace. Having 10 years plus of knowledge in digital assets and crypto assets, Introduces Toska crypto academy to spread his knowledge on digital crypto assets.

What is Toska Crypto Academy?

In today digital world, a lot of developments are occurring in the field of business and also digital currency in the field of business and also digital currency or digital asset. Among the total population of 135 cr, 65 present people are using android phone because of which investment is just a clock away.

Considering the dynamic young mind and energetic seniors, with a never – ending thrust for Financial growth and independence. Toska Crypto Academy launches one of its kind academy to provide in depth knowledge of crypto digital asset like stock market, everyone now wants to invest in crypto currency. But fluctuations in the market and inadequate knowledge create a hindrance in letting people invest freely.

Crypto is an asset that people invest in and due to dynamic market it can be highly recovering in long term.

Toska Crypto Academy provided you with every detail of crypto asset, digital asset and also legalities involved in it. It also provided you with knowledge of how the most of your hard-earned money.

Student of the academy will learn about the blockchain technology and decentralized system in completion of course, one can easily start investing.

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What You Will Learn

Let’s build the future of crypto learning together. The revolutionised platform first time ever. Get unlimited access to the crypto world.


A blockchain is a developing rundown of records, called blocks, that are connected together using cryptography.Each square contains a cryptographic hash of the past square, a timestamp, and exchange information.


Decentralization is the cycle by which the exercises of an association, especially those with respect to arranging and dynamic.


We are building the decentralise economy - an all the more fair, open, productive, and straightforward monetary framework empowered by crypto.


We are building the decentralize economy - an even more fair, open, useful, and direct financial system enabled by crypto for trade.


An NFT is generated, or "minted," from digital objects portraying both tangible and intangible items. NFTs are primarily digital collector's items, compared to physical collector's items.


A metaverse is a blockchain network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. In futurism and science fiction, the term is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single.


Buy Packages



Basic Pack of Rs. 99/- For 1Hrs.

  • - What is Crypto Asset (Token or Coin)
  • - What is Block chain
  • - What is Decentralise System
  • - What is Exchange
  • - Investment Advise


Advance Pack of Rs. 499/- For 2Hrs.

  • - What is an ICO / IDO / ITO / IEO
  • - What is Coin Market Cap
  • - Mining and Bearing
  • - How to trade ( Buy and Sell )


Premium Pack Rs.999/- For 4Hrs.

  • - What is Metaverse
  • - Information about NFT
  • - What is Web 3 future, everything you need to Know about
  • - How to take TSK membership and community group joining